Just like your dance teacher, fitness coach, or yoga instructor, we value good form. At Persu, we focus on designing pieces that have classic, sleek forms that will stand the test of time. We make all of our products out of high-quality, durable materials.


Our mission is to create functional products that can adapt and withstand your various active lifestyles and daily journey.


We understand the competitive and daily struggles that you go through in your modern day life. To balance work, family, friends, chores, and of course, staying active, is not easy and takes dedication and grit. As a start up, Persu was born out of passion, and brought to life through hard work and hustle. We live active lives, relate to your daily grind and created PERSU for go-getters and hustlers like you, pursuing all your various passions in life!

In 2013, founder and designer of PERSU COLLECTION, Stephanie Su, was hauling her fitness gear from work to her dance and boxing classes, when she realized the need for a functional yet chic athletic bag – one that could hold all her fitness accessories, work essentials, and fit in at the office. With plenty of fashionable women’s fitness apparel lines to choose from, she was frustrated to find that her options for athletic bags were either: functional while looking like the “cargo pants of gym bags,” or stylish and impractical.

With her passion for fashion and experience working for luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, Stephanie went to work on designing a luxe athletic bag that had the sleek looks of a weekender, but the durability and functionality of a gear-heavy fitness equipment bag. After spending a year perfecting and testing her prototype, she launched the Tom bag and Jessica bag (named after her supportive parents) on Kickstarter on January 7, 2015. Forty-three days later, PERSU COLLECTION was officially funded on Kickstarter with $90,938, tripling its goal of $30,000.

Thanks to the support of her initial customers and Kickstarter backers, Stephanie has continued to follow her dream, quitting her full-time job to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. In 2016, Stephanie was selected along with 4 other companies to participate in the DTLA fashion tech accelerator GRID110 in partnership with Mayor Garcetti. As she continues to learn and experience the ride of her startup, she shares her journey with her backers and customers on her blog

Throughout all the hustle and daily grind of the startup, Stephanie continues to set aside nuggets of time to unwind, recharge, and stay active through her love of boxing, pole fitness, and constantly trying all kinds of new workout classes in all the cities she travels to!


Stephanie is a Sacramento native, LA transplant and a proud UCLA alumnus!