Swatches of Chakra - PERSU COLLECTION
Swatches of Chakra - PERSU COLLECTION
$ 22.00

Swatches of Chakra


The Swatches Of Chakra Deck explores the wonderful world of chakras through 25 color-coded Pantone-style cards representing different keywords associated with each chakra. If you work with chakras, are learning about them, practice reiki or any kind of energy work or divination, this is a perfect companion. If you're simply drawn to the beautiful color scheme this is also for you. This mini deck also contains a QR code on the back, which links to a detailed .pdf guidebook.

Dimensions3.5" l x 2.3" w x 0.5" h

Womxn-Owned Brand: Kaleidadope

About Kaleidadope

Kaleidadope is a woman-owned business specializing in cards, candles and design inspired by color & culture. The company was created with a passion for art and expression, which is shown through representation and relatable themes. What started out as a side hustle, turned into my livelihood as I took the leap and left my corporate engineering career to pursue my passion. Kaleidadope celebrates discovering passion and purpose through creativity, positivity, a sense of humor and wellness.