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The world is filled with inspirational women and Jenny Ho is definitely one of them! As a mommy and fitness trainer, Jenny balances parenting life with her passion for promoting a positive mindset, fitness, health, and wellness. We caught up with Jenny to get an inside look at how she stays fit and some of her favorite fit tips!

  • What's your favorite workout? My favorite type of workout is kickboxing.
  • Favorite healthy meal? I love a huge homemade salad that would include chicken, arugula, cranberries, sweet mini peppers, avocado, chickpeas, cashews, onions,  topped with a drizzle of avocado oil and honey mustard dressing. :) I love making my own meals at home.
  • What are you willing to "cheat" for :D? Pizza!!!
  • What's in your gym bag? I have to have my weighted ankle weights,  jump rope, bottled water and headphones.

  • Any other hobbies? Yes, rollerblading, photography, and learning how to make new recipes.
  • Any workout tips to share? Hydrate and stretch!
  • Who inspires you? My partner Anthony Mendez inspired me every single day.

  • You rock the white "Jessica" bag! Do you have any favorite functions of your Persu bag? I have many functions that I just LOVE and appreciate from the Persu bags. One of my favorite functions from my Jessica bag is the removable & washable interior lining. This way I know I am able to keep my bag clean at all times. Another function that is important to me is the zip open water bottle holder, it's what I use the most. And lastly, I love all the carefully thought-out details like the studs on the bottom and the adjustable bungee cords for my yoga mat.

Want to follow Jenny's fitness journey and see some AMAZING fitness fashion inspiration? Check her out on Instagram at @iamjennyhofit!

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