A Letter From the Founder // Small Business Saturday

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Persu Collection "Hustle" Hat

From ideation to execution, the creation of Persu Collection was not an easy road. There were many times where I had self-doubt, and fear that my dreams and goals were impossible, and will ultimately result in failure. After just the idea of the Persu bag was conceived, I came across a quote that caught my eye and wrote it on the mirrored closet in my bedroom. The quote read: 

"Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure." - Paulo Coehlo

Over time the quote blended in with my bedroom surroundings but I started to notice that every time I needed motivation, the words of Paulo Coehlo would appear again to help bring me to the finish line. It helped me take action on my goals, including
an action as simple as writing the goal down, which ultimately became Persu. 

Today, I continue this entrepreneurship journey to "hustle" toward all the big dreams and goals I have. As the years have flown by and I've moved out of that mirrored-closet bedroom, I realized that I needed yet another dose of motivation to keep me on track. So, I created this hat to represent all the goals that myself and others are working toward, and the motivational intention behind them.

This hat initiates the first and most important action for achieving your goals:
writing it down. The "HUSTLIN' FOR" tag inside the hat is your private place to write down what you "hustle" for - whether it's breaking the glass ceiling in your career, providing for your family, or finally starting that side hustle you've always wanted. Every time you wear or see this hat, the message of what it represents for you should remind you to keep going, because while dreams are free, the hustle is sold separately. 

Thank you so much for supporting my brand, my business, and my dreams. You are all a big part of my motivation and I look forward to happily continuing to hustle for, and with all of you. 

-Stephanie Su,
Founder of Persu Collection

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YOUR VOTE = YOUR VOICE: Here's your state's registration deadlines

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Your Vote = Your Voice

Make your voice heard by casting your vote in the 2018 midterm elections! Registration deadlines are approaching quickly so make sure to register here before your state's registration deadline.

Unsure of when your registration deadline is? Check out The Root's quick guide to each state's voter registration deadline here. 

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I am a woman. What's your superpower? 19 Female Empowered Organizations that Support the Cause!

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Happy International Women's Day 2018!

Today is a day that is not celebrated nearly as much as it should be. Even though International Women's Day started back in 1975, I didn't grow up celebrating let alone knowing about it until more recent years (sadly). 

This year, I decided to make a concentrated effort to learn more about this special day and see what female empowered organizations are out there consistently supporting the cause. After a bit of research, I found quite a few wonderful organizations supporting women in all different ways. 

So, in celebration of IWD 2018, I'm doing three things to highlight the ladies:

  1. A surprise 48-hour flash sale on persucollection.com (details at the end of this post)
  2. Donating a portion of the flash sales to one of the organizations listed below
  3. Make an effort to contribute more to the cause through involvement in one of these organizations, or on my own!

Are you interested in getting involved in helping women through education, entrepreneurship, economics, or empowerment? Here some great organizations of I found, separated by category!

EDUCATION FOR WOMEN: We fought for equal education, and we need to keep it up! 

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Of course, one of my favorite categories, help inspire and support women in entrepreneurship and business! 

MOTHERS: Help out all those mamas in need!

WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE & SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Help prevent women from being treated like objects and more like the equal, amazing humans we are.

WOMEN IN OFFICE: Organizations that help us get more estrogen in office. :)


 Want details on the surprise IWD perscuollection.com 2-day flash sale? Here it is!

Get 20% off your entire order starting now by using code:


*Sale ends on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST.
A portion of all sales during these 2 days will be donated to one of the above organizations!
Founder + Designer
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The Ultimate Baby Package Giveaway! *Ends September 5, 2017*

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Calling all soon-to-be mommies & daddies, it's giveaway time! :baby::baby_bottle:
We've partnered with SIX baby brands to give you a chance to win the ultimate baby package! :raised_hands:Package includes a gift card to PERSUCOLLECTION to shop your favorite multi-functional bag that goes from baby -> :arrow_right:gym -> travel plus tons of other goodies worth over $1,000 to fill your new bag!:blush: 
Enter here by September 5, 2017 for your chance to win!
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NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS! Show us your 2017 #KICKASSGOALS and receive a gift from us! :)

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I don't know about you, but I love using each new year as a clean slate to plan my goals for 2017. As an entrepreneur, I've found that putting my goals out to the universe (whether that's writing them down, telling someone, or visualizing them) helps a ton in making them feel real and attainable.

As a fun new way to help motivate you to achieve your goals, we are running an awesome #KICKASSGOALS campaign through the end of January!

Now through January 31, 2017, post a photo of one of your new year #KICKASSGOALS and tag us @PERSUCOLLECTION via Instagram/Facebook and you'll receive:
  • A gift code for 20% off PERSU so that you can kick-off your 2017 passions functionally + fashionably
  • If you're a proud owner of a PERSU bag, include your bag in your photo and receive complimentary gift hand-picked for you :)
P.S. Make sure your account is public when you post, or send us a screenshot via DM so that we don't miss your post! ;)
Founder + Designer
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