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Designed for the modern-day hustler

Functional bags designed for the modern-day hustlers, go-getters, fitness lovers + wanderlusters.



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Thoughtfully designed functions created to organize all your active life passions.



Persu bags are designed to save you time and simplify your life, so you can "persu" all your dreams, with passion.


We design multi-functional bags for multi-faceted people. We include all the functions you need, without the ones you don't, without sacrificing style. Unlike fast fashion companies, we only bring a bag to market after years of careful research, testing and feedback to ensure you have a quality bag that will last for many years to come. 

Removable & Washable Interior

Our popular Persu duffle bags are designed with our original removable and washable interior making it easier than ever to wash out sweat and spills.

Kickstarter Favorite

2x successfully funded on Kickstarter and chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick, New & Noteworthy, & Project We Love - Persu Collection's quality bags are a Kickstarter favorite and only brought to market after years of backer feedback & testing.

Introducing the Ama Backpack and Quila Bag

Pre-Order Now and Save Over 40% Off

Two new bags for the modern-day hustler

 After 3 years of research, product development, and testing, we are so excited to introduce two new bags to you: The Ama Backpack and Quila Bag. With over 20 features including a TSA compliant laptop pocket, these bags make it easier than ever to travel and stay organized in all your modern-day activities. 

There are perks to being first!

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For The...

Modern Hustler

Whether you're climbing the corporate ranks, leading a team, saving lives, running your own business, or "persu-ing" the career of your dreams, Persu bags will keep you organized and on track, without compromising style. And, for all the brave go-getters serving our country, we are  Military and Airforce compatible.

Fitness Lover

From boxing gloves to yoga mats, there is a place for everything in each Persu bag. Designed with premium, water-friendly, vegan exteriors, and a removable and washable interior, Persu bags solve one of the biggest problems with duffle bags - the inability to clean them. 


From domestic to international travels, Persu bags is your perfect travel companion. With sizes that can hold enough gear from a weekend trip to a full week's stay, there is a bag for you. Carry-on compatible, Persu bags offer plenty of pockets to accomodate all your travel accessories and belongings.

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Removable & Washable Interior

Our original removable and washable interior in each Persu duffle bag makes it easier than ever to wash out sweat and accidental spills. How does it work? When you're ready to wash your interior lining, simply zip it off and out, and throw it in the wash!

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Thoughtfully Designed Functions

Thoughtfully designed functions created to organize all your active life passions. From our flexible and adjustable bungee cords to strap in everything from a yoga mat to boxing gloves, to plenty of pockets, key holder, water bottle holder, shoe bag, accessory bag, and more...

30-Day Returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

3-Year Warranty

Problem with your bag? No worries! We offer a 3-year warranty for all normal wear and tear on your bag which includes repairs or replacements.

Worldwide shipping

We ship anywhere in the world with easy flat rate and subsidized shipping. We ship anywhere in the U.S. for a $5 flat rate and subsidize all international shipments!

Persu Workshops & Experiences

More than just a bag company...

We work to cultivate in-person connections through unique workshops and experiences to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in positive and fulfilling ways.

After trying a multitude of different workshops and training from self-defense and pole dance to improv over the last decade to address her own issues of self-confidence, empowerment, and the need to constantly grow, our founder, Stephanie Su, felt compelled to share the benefits of the workshops that worked for her with others. And, as a solo entrepreneur, Stephanie understands the struggle of running a business alone in addition to the benefits of being able to connect, support, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs - thus the idea for cultivating in-person connections through Persu Workshops & Experiences was born! 

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Climate x Justice

A free social club, we discuss topics covering climate change, sustainability, climate and social justice, wequality, and anti-racism. We are seeking to bring together experts from different topics to share our knowledge and resources and help educate and inspire others to take action toward a just, clean planet. 

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