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Kickstarter Fitness Experimenter Week 6: From Paddle Boarding to Twerking

Posted by Stephanie Su on

Paddle Boarding at Phins Water Sports Club

Today is the LAST DAY of my PERSU Kickstarter campaign which means I've finally completed my New Year's Kickstarter #fitnessexperimenter resolution, just in time for Chinese New Year! 

Over the Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend, the weather in LA was gorgeous! So, my girl Jess and I took advantage of the weather and I tried paddle boarding for the first time in Marina del Rey for my class #11. We both got Groupon deals for Phins Water Sports and from that one hour experience, I know I'll be going back.

  • Class Set-Up: Phins Water Sports Club is the first dock at parking lot 11 near the Cheesecake Factory. The office is covered by a small red awning that shows the Phins logo. We checked in with the lady there, locked our valuables in their storage and headed down the dock for the paddle boards.
  • Class Style: Our Groupon deal was a paddle board rental and not a paddle board class, so when the Phins employee handed me the paddle (they will adjust it for your height) and told me to get on the board, I was lost on what to do next. Luckily, the boards are pretty long and wide and standing up on them was not difficult at all. The waters at the Phins dock are calm, with the exception of small waves made by the boats, so they're quite easy to navigate. And, all the other people paddle boarding and kayaking on the water makes the environment feel very safe and communal.
  • Conclusion: Going into the water activity, I thought it would be intense and grueling. Instead, it was an extremely relaxing and peaceful experience! I absolutely loved everything about it, and I also got a great workout from it! Your arms and core get worked a lot from stabilizing yourself and paddling with the resistance of the water. If you try going extra fast, your arms get a killer workout! I'm so glad I gave paddle boarding a shot, I'm already planning my next trip out there. And, as we were leaving we noticed a yoga on paddleboards class...I think I know what my next water activity is! :)
  • Additional Details:
    • Pricing: $30 per hour for stand-up paddle board recreational rental. Additional packages and membership rates are also available. Package deals may also be found on Groupon (check to see if it's still available). 
    • Location: 14045 Panay Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
    • Parking: Public parking lot #11 (pay per hour)

ClassPass: Twerkout at Allure, Flexibility at Jagged, Cycling at Kinetic, and Boxing at Iron

I've been hearing about ClassPass everywhere and since this was my last Kickstarter #fitnessexperimenter week, I decided to give it a try for a week and take as many classes I could to finish my resolution, and campaign strong! So for my final #fitnessexperimenter class #12, I actually took extra classes and over the past week I tried a new twerking class with Taisha at Allure Dance Studio, a flexibility class at Jagged Vertical Dance Fitness, dropped in on Rene Wiley's cycling class at Kinetic, and Jonnie Rice's boxing class at Iron Gym. All of them were awesome classes and below is a quick summary of each! :)

  • Twerkout at Allure Dance StudioI had no idea what to expect from this new "Twerkout" class at Allure except that it was probably going to be extremely uncomfortable. But, I left LOVING the class because Taisha has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and she describes each booty move as if she's describing any other technical sport. The class starts off with a quick warm-up following Taisha's every move and then Taisha breaks down the booty clap, booty pop, booty shaking, and of course twerking. Taisha's also got a great sense of humor so she'll keep you entertained while you try to learn how to "twerk" to Rae Sremmurd's "Throw Sum Mo." :D
  • Flexibility at Jagged: This was the first time I took a full 1 hour, 15 minute flexibility stretch class. After taking Jessica's class, I am amazed at all the different types of stretches out there, and how far you can actually push your body. Using a TRX strap and yoga blocks, Jessica led us through intense stretches of the thighs, hips, back, shoulders, everything! And, if you already have your splits or bridge down, Jessica will push you further to over-split and take bridges to the next level. The class was painful, but in a good way. :)
  • Kinetic Cycling: Rene Wiley's cycling class was the second #fitnessexperimenter class I took when my campaign first started in January. His cycling class was so good (and intense) that when I saw it on ClassPass, I had to take it again. Full review is available on Week 1's entry here.
  • Boxing at IronIron Boxing used to be my go-to when my good friend Leyon Azubuike had his previous ABA Boxing Academy there. Even though he has left Iron (and is opening his own studio soon!), another one of my favorite trainers Jonnie Rice still teaches boxing there. Seeing Iron on ClassPass, I took advantage of getting to see Jonnie Rice and catch-up on boxing. Jonnie's boxing classes are circuit style, with groups rotating between conditioning, heavy bags, and mitt training. With several trainers in each class, you get plenty of mitt time with awesome trainers that keep a constant eye on your form!

ClassPass Details - ClassPass membership is $100 per month and allows you to take unlimited classes every month from their menu of studios. The stipulation is that you can only take up to 3 classes per studio, per month. But with so many studios to choose from, you can easily take the same activity (ex. yoga) multiple times a week, but just at different studios. It's a great deal for those who prefer classes over the gym!

Thank you so much for following along on my 6-week #fitnessexperimenter and Kickstarter campaign journey! My campaign ends at 5:00PM PST so there are only a few hours left! Thank you so much for helping me get this far. <3 Even though this is the end of my campaign and "fitness experiment," I plan on continuing to take different classes because I enjoy it and I'll be sure to post about any interesting experiences here! :)



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Kickstarter Fitness Experimenter Week 1: Box & Cycle

Posted by Stephanie Su on

David Barton Gym: Thursday Night Boxing with Floyd

As promised with the launch of my Kickstarter campaign last Wednesday, I am going to take two different types of fitness classes a week for the six week run of my campaign. Last Thursday, I took my first #fitnessexperimenter class at the Century City location of David Barton Gym. Convinced into going by my good friend and a regular of the class, I joined Floyd Weaver's 6:30PM boxing class after work. 

  • Class Set-Up: Takes place in the studio at top floor of the Century City location. Boxing heavy bags hang all around the outer edge of the space. Boxing gloves and hand wraps are not provided (good thing I have my own!).
  • Class Style: Cardio heavy! Starts off with a jump rope warm-up then switches between running laps around the room and punching the heavy bag, then goes into heavy bag drills and a sets of 25 squats, 10 push-ups, 25 mountain-climbers. But be careful, if you slack off, Floyd will take this set all the way up the 75 of each! The class finishes off with 5x going up and down the David Barton stairs and about 10-15 minutes of abs. 
  • Conclusion: A lot of cardio and will definitely leave you sweaty and sore. Personally, I struggled with the push-ups layered with the boxing drills (my arms are not my strongest muscle). Overall, I LOVED the class because Floyd is just an awesome and fun trainer. He's so full of energy and enjoys dancing during the class while we are all dying during his drills. :D
  • Additional Details:
    • Pricing: Members-only, pricing varies. 
    • Location: (Century City) 1950 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067
    • Parking: Free parking in the structure of the building (gets full quickly after work on weeknights)

Kinetic Cycling: An Uphill Climb with Rene

For my second #fitnessexperimenter class, I met up with my old college roomie that I haven't seen in years to take her good friend and another fellow Bruin, Rene Wiley's Monday night class at Kinetic cycling. This was my first time ever at Kinetic so I was in for quite a treat.

  • Class Set-Up: Tons of stationary bikes (as pictured) facing one corner of the room. The corner of the room has a small stage where the instructor sits and includes a big plasma TV so you can watch all the interesting music videos that go with the track of the class. As pictured, the lighting in the room gives off a signature blue glow for this studio. 
  • Class Style: You will climb mountains in Rene's classes! And I mean Mount Everest! Rene starts you off at a steady pace to the beat of this amazing mixes and then ups the resistance on you. His drills include going in and out of the saddle in increments and then slowly bringing the gear up while "giving it all you got." His goal is to get you all the way up to gear 21 (which he did).
  • Conclusion: One of the hardest cycling classes I've ever taken in my entire life. I've only tried a handful of cycling classes but I've never gone so high in resistance. But, Rene has awesome energy, provides a killer soundtrack with videos to match (Beyonce's mix was the only way I got through those hills) and pushes you to work harder, in a good way. I left the class soaked in sweat. I would definitely go back!
  • Additional Details:
    • Pricing: $19 single, $85 for 5 classes, $160 for 10 classes, $300 for 20 classes. Classes also available via ClassPass and Groupon.
    • Location: (Brentwood) 11740 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA
    • Parking: Validated parking lot in the same shopping mall
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