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It's not easy being a female in our modern society.

With all the societal pressures we women face, it can be hard to catch our breath. The impossible beauty "standards," the balancing act between the expectations of family care-taking and "leaning in" to our career goals - all of this often causes us to forget to take the time to focus on ourselves. It's no wonder that anxiety and depression effect women at twice the rate of men in the United States.*

We know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the daily monotony of work, the fleeting "someday" bucket list items, the weight of the endless race for success in the eyes of society, and the yearning of our inner selves for a different direction. Over time, all of this tends to wear heavily on our self-confidence and motivation. It's time to come up for air.

  We want to help empower you. We want to bring your self-love practice to new heights and ignite an inner strength and confidence you didn't know was there. With over 1,000 classes ranging from fitness and wellness to self-love and confidence under our belt, we have carefully curated a unique and impactful series of classes and workshops designed to ignite the strong and beautiful woman in you - so you can discover all the magical things you can do when given the right support system in a judgment-free environment. 

This 5-week program of curated empowerment classes and workshops will take place throughout California starting this Spring 2019. More details here.

What this series includes:
(All classes and workshops have been created just for this program)
  • 1 Women's Self-Defense Workshop
  • 1 Self-Love + Goal Setting Workshop 
  • 2 Technical Boxing Classes 
  • 1 Sensual Heels Class
  • 1 Pole Dance Class
  • 1 Ladyboss Happy Hour
  • 1 Premium Persu Collection "Hustle" Hat
  • 1 Goodie Bag filled with Female Empowered Swag
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to keep in touch with all your fellow female makers, movers and shakers.