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2020 has been an intense but perhaps much needed year as some of the major, long-running issues that our country has been battling has finally been brought to the forefront. With so many complex issues to fight that require diligent work and effort to learn and understand, I found myself wishing I had a peer group of like-minded people that I could discuss my learnings with, share resources, and overall continue my journey with. While there are a lot of issues to discuss, I decided to start by focusing on two major issues: climate change and social justice. Why? Because climate change affects ALL of humanity and living creatures, and social justice is something we should've fixed a long time ago, and if 2020 isn't telling us now is the time to fix it...well, it DEFINITELY IS so let's fix it! 

So, with all of that in mind, I've created a free Climate x Justice Social Club for anyone who is interested in sustaining their journey toward learning and understanding these topics in a collaborative space.

In the Climate x Justice Social Club, we will discuss topics covering climate change, sustainability, climate and social justice, equality, and anti-racism. As a collaborative collective, we will share learnings and resources through virtual meetups (because Covid) in the form of an online book club, podcast discussions, film/documentary discussions, and table topics. And, we plan to bring together experts from different topics to share our knowledge and resources and help educate and inspire others to take action toward a just, clean planet.

Join our group via Meetup or "purchase" a ticket here to get on the email list for upcoming events.

"Purchase" a free ticket to get on the email list for upcoming events:

Or join our Meetup group:

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