Womxn's Improv Workshop with NCT: Increase your collaborative, creative, and decision-making skills through the art of improv

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Womxn's Improv Workshop with NCT: Increase your collaborative, creative, and decision-making skills through the art of improv 

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020
Location: National Comedy Theatre Training Center: 2590 Truxton Road, Building 176, Suite 203, San Diego, CA 92106

Ticket Price: $45

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Looking for a fun, new experience and an opportunity to collaborate and meet other kickass womxn? Join us for a special, all-female improv workshop that focuses on increasing your collaborative, creative, and decision-making skills through improv. Learn the basic skills of improvision such as focus, teamwork, mime, character, and status, and get over your fear of failure in this safe and friendly environment that embraces failure. The core components of improv: listening skills & your ability to be "in the moment" are strongly emphasized.


  • Quick introductions - we'll learn a little bit about each other :)
  • Jump right into it! We'll learn warm-up exercises and games to ignite your mind to think creatively!
  • Then, we'll learn the Basics & Principles of Improv
  • Next, we'll play popular improv games specifically chosen for this workshop
  • Now we're ready to try open scenes! Don't worry, with all the previous prep leading up to this, you will be ready. :) We will learn how to do short-form open scenes in the form of improv games - you'll be doing scenes before you know it!
  • Close with an open and collaborative conversation about the experience 
  • Persu Collection pop-up shop with exclusive workshop-only pricing

National Comedy Theatre is San Diego's longest running improv comedy show, with over 20 years of experience. Alison Ramsay has been performing and teaching at National Comedy Theatre since 2011. In addition to the NCT Mainstage Cast, she has performed with Lipshtick, an all-female team who have performed at multiple improv festivals on the west coast, and AChording to Us – a musical improv team that has performed at NCT as well as the Cygnet Theatre in San Diego.

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