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Lady Boss Mind & Body Workshop with Stephanie Erazo & Stephanie Su: Twerkout Workout + Guided Meditation + Persu Your Dreams Chat

Saturday, October 19, 2019
10:00am - 12:30pm
Location: Harbor View Waterfront Park 

Ticket Price: $40

Early Bird through 10/10: $30

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Are you a current ladyboss, have always wanted to start your own side hustle/business, or just enjoy meeting and collaborating with a community of like-minded womxn? Join us for a special, productive ladyboss morning where we'll tackle your workout of the day, your mental wellness, and collaborate and brainstorm with other ladybosses, all in 2.5 hours!

Led by Stephanie Erazo of Travel Slay Fitness from Los Angeles, you'll work your glutes, legs, and endurance with a fun, 40-minute twerkout workout followed by a calming, 20-minute guided meditation with your mantra of the day. Then, we'll flow into a collaborative, open conversation about how you can "Persu your dreams" led by both Stephanie Erazo and Stephanie Su of Persu Collection. No twerk experience required, Stephanie will teach you a few twerk moves paired with the workout. :)

By complete chance, both Stephanies met through a mutual mentor as graduates of the downtown fashion tech accelerator GRID110, and discovered the similarity of their history - both solo female entrepreneurs who left their corporate job at CNN to "Persu their dreams." With one Stephanie focused on building a service-based business and wellness, and the other Stephanie focused on building a product-based business and crowdfunding, we'll share our journey on how we built our businesses as well as host an open conversation to answer any questions or comments one-on-one due to the small group format of this event. 



  • Quick introductions - we'll learn a little bit about each other :)
  • Jump into a 40-minute twerkout workout led by Stephanie Erazo! Workout your glutes and legs, and cardio in a new and unique way. We'll use resistance bands and learn a few twerk moves - all levels welcome! Don't worry, you won't have to keep up with choreography, this is just a fun and unique way to work those glute and leg muscles! 
  • Next, Stephanie Erazo will help slow down your heart rate and calm your mind with a zen 20-minute guided meditation with a mantra of the day and journaling prompts
  • Now that you've gotten your workout in, your mind and mental space clear and relaxed, we'll move into a 60-minute collaborative conversation on the topic of "Persu-ing Your Dreams" with both Stephanies! Both Stephanie Erazo and Stephanie Su left their corporate careers at CNN to "Persu their dreams" as solo female entrepreneurs - one as a wellness leader and the other as a functional bag designer. Both Stephanies will share their journey and give tips on how to build your own business. You'll be able to ask questions and get advice one-on-one due to the small group format of this event. So feel free to ask away! Stephanie Erazo focuses on building a service-based business while Stephanie Su focuses on bringing products to life and crowdfunding. 
  • Lastly, feel free to browse the Persu Collection pop-up and Travel Slay Fitness pop-up with exclusive workshop-only pricing

Stephanie began Travel Slay Fitness as a way to merge her passion for travel and fitness, hosting adventurous fitness retreats and workshops both domestic and abroad. Stephanie launched Prana Wellness, the corporate arm of her business, to bring wellness to the workplace through onsite yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Stephanie Erazo is an avid adventure seeker and self-proclaimed fitness junkie. She spent 7 years as a producer for CNN, before deciding to put wellness first. 3 days after leaving CNN, she went to study in India for 5 weeks.
Stephanie studied under world-renowned teachers in India and is certified in yoga, meditation, and Pranayama breathwork. Stephanie also teaches spin, bootcamp workouts, and does personal training. She is a graduate of the 2019 cohort of the Downtown Los Angeles GRID110 fashion tech accelerator in partnership with Mayor Garcetti. Catch her traveling the world, doing workouts everywhere!

In 2013, founder and designer of Persu Collection, Stephanie Su, was hauling her fitness gear from work to her boxing and dance classes, when she realized the need for a functional yet chic athletic bag – one that could hold all her fitness accessories, work essentials, and fit in at the office. Struggling to find a bag that could fit all her active life needs, and influenced by her experience working for luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, Stephanie decided to design her own ultimate athletic bag - one that had the sleek looks of a weekender, but the durability and functionality of a gear-heavy fitness equipment bag. In 2015, Stephanie launched her innovative bags, called Persu Collection, on Kickstarter and raised over $90,000 in just 43 days. The following year, Stephanie was selected along with 4 other companies to participate in the Downtown Los Angeles fashion tech accelerator GRID110 in partnership with Mayor Garcetti. Since then, Stephanie’s highly functional and sleek bags have been featured in Forbes, SELF, Brit + Co, and Marie Claire. Today, Stephanie continues to run Persu Collection as a solo female founder, using her skills learned from years of experience in marketing, operations, and sales in companies including CNN, Cartoon Network / [adult swim], and Louis Vuitton, in addition to extensive self-training through General Assembly workshops and online courses. Throughout all the hustle and daily grind of her entrepreneurship journey, Stephanie continues to set aside nuggets of time to recharge and stay active through her love of boxing, pole dance, and constantly trying new experiences in all the cities she travels to!

Stephanie Erazo of Travel Slay Fitness

Stephanie Su of Persu Collection

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