ALEXANDER WANG x H&M - Functional or Just Fashionable?

Posted by Stephanie Su on

Alexander Wang's limited edition sport-inspired collection at H&M released on Thursday showcased bold, geometrical pieces made out of athletic materials. As a fashion and fitness fan, I was excited to see if these pieces would be functional enough to translate to the gym or if they were strictly street-style.

Unfortunately, the site crashed and sold-out before I could get my order in to test out these sports luxe duds but here are some of my favorite functional vs. just fashionable Alexander Wang x H&M pieces.



Sports Top

FUNCTIONAL - Made out of polyester, nylon, and spandex with a wrap-around design, I hope that this sports bra can actually hold-up to a good workout!


FASHIONABLE - Love this as a crop top! But, I'm not sure if there's much "support" for a work-out.



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