Kickstarter Fitness Experimenter Week 2: Getting Fit Unconventionally

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Fit Booty Barre in San Diego

We just finished week 2 of my Kickstarter campaign for PERSU Collection which means I've completed two more #fitnessexperimenter classes! Since it was a 3-day weekend, I took a trip to San Diego to visit my boyfriend and checked out his favorite gym - Fit Athletic Club. Fit is one of the best gyms I've ever stepped foot in. With a city-view rooftop pool, patio with a view right in Petco Park, and top-notch facilities this gym is like being in an "athletic" resort. Fit has a ton of cool classes but since I only went for a day, I chose the Fit Booty Barre class with Sofie for my third #fitnessexperimenter class. 

  • Class Set-Up: Takes place in a their main studio with cool circular windows facing the main floor of the gym. Portable bars are pulled out from the wall to make 4 sets of bars in the middle of the room. We're all instructed to grab a mat and weights as we find a spot next to the bar.
  • Class Style: This class kills your legs! Sofie runs you through a quick stretch warm-up then goes through various "plies" and "passes" on repeat. Mid-way through the class we use our weights to incorporate arm exercises like tricep extensions and curls while repeating the same ballet moves. A the end of the class, we finish with a lot of jumps and get on our mats for core work and planks. 
  • Conclusion: I definitely felt a my legs, calves, and glutes working during this class! I've taken Cardio Barre classes in the past and found Sofie's class just as good, and left me sore for days. It's a great deal for Fit gym members since all the classes are included. I hope they open a Fit in LA one day!
  • Additional Details:
    • Pricing: Members-only, pricing varies
    • Location: 350 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Parking: Free 3-hour validated parking in the building structure

Pole Dance Fitness with Emily Wu

I tried a unique form of fitness for my class #4 of #fitnessexperimenter. Pole dance fitness is something I've taken on and off for the past couple years with the sweetest teacher on earth - Emily Wu. Usually I go to Pacific Arts Dance Studio in Westwood but recently they discontinued Emily's pole dance fitness classes so in order to visit my teacher and friend, I tried her Pole Vixen class on Tuesday nights at Evolve Dance Studio in mid-city LA. 

  • Class Set-Up: The studio includes two conjoined spaces with plenty of poles to go around so that each student has their own. One room (pictured here) includes high ceilings and tall poles (~11ft) and the other room has shorter poles (~9ft). Both rooms have a mirrored wall so you can see yourself attempt the various pole tricks.
  • Class Style: Emily takes us through a thorough warm-up that focuses on increasing flexibility and stretching out all your different muscles groups. After the warm-up, Emily goes through various pole tricks one at a time by demonstrating first then walking around to spot each person. This Pole Vixen class included invert tricks (twisted grip), handstands (butterfly), climbing (upside-down elbow hold), and spins. Luckily, Emily has a variation for every trick so she can adjust it to each student's personal level. She ends the class with a 2-minute freestyle and a light stretch.
  • Conclusion: I loved the class, mainly because I love Emily! She's an excellent teacher so regardless of where she teaches, her classes will be great. The physical location of Evolve Dance Studio is not my favorite but it's worth the trip to learn from Emily. With my new student class package deal in hand, I will definitely go back to try some of Emily's other classes. :)
  • Additional Details:
    • Pricing: Multiple options and packages available depending on the type (dancefit, pole, aerial). New student packages available ($39 for 5 dancefit classes, $39 for 3 pole classes, $39 for 3 aerial classes). Regular student class packages at 3 levels - $139/month, $89/month, $79/month. Drop-in prices range from $18-$30 per class. Class package deals may also be found on Groupon
    • Location: 5872 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019
    • Parking: Street parking (free after 6pm) or you can park in the Von's lot across the street :D
Aerial Barre Fitness Experimenter Kickstarter Pole

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