Tom & Jessica Bags Shipping Update!

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Hi Everyone!

After many days in the garage packing and taping shipments, 3 full UPS trucks, and multiple trips to the post office, a majority of the Tom and Jessica bags have been shipped! 

I quickly became a regular at the post office :)

I quickly became a regular at the post office :)

3 of the 5 bins I filled at the post office!

3 of the 5 bins I filled at the post office!

I also packed my mom's car and made some local Sacramento deliveries. It was great being able to meet some of you in person! I wish I could've completed all the deliveries in the Sacramento area but the process took longer than I thought it would (being a UPS driver is pretty tedious!).

Fitting as much as possible into my mom's car for deliveries!

Fitting as much as possible into my mom's car for deliveries!

Just so that all of you have an update on shipping, all domestic orders were shipped via UPS and all international orders were shipped via USPS. For those who bought a Sol bundle, if you are a domestic order, you will receive your Tom or Jessica bag first and then the Sol bag separately when it arrives. If you are an international backer of the Sol bundle, you will receive your bundle in one package when the Sol bags arrive. This is because international shipping is significantly more than domestic shipping so it is more affordable to ship the bags in one package. 

You should have all received an email with your tracking number. Please make sure you check your tracking number to make sure the package is going to the correct address. If your address has changed recently, let me know ASAP so that we can figure out if it's possible to retrieve the package. The email should say the package is from PERSU COLLECTION but it is possible that it may say LYNCH CREEK FARMS because I've partnered with Lynch Creek Farms for some help on shipping operations. My friend Nathanael helps me create labels for everyone and I package and send the order on my end. In return, I will be helping Lynch Creek with some of their social media. And in case you're wondering what Lynch Creek is, they are the place to go to for holiday wreaths! They have tons of different styles, even some DIY wreaths, and they also sell Dahlia bulbs. :)

Besides the shipping and fulfillment, I have been involved with a project for the last couple of months that has been keeping me busy. I've been wanting to tell you guys about it but I can't until January 2016. :( I will let you know as soon as I'm allowed to! :D PERSU bags have also just entered a certain retailer...announcement coming soon! :)

Last but NOT least, THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful feedback you have been giving me!! I am reading every Facebook post, email, text, message, Kickstarter comment, Instagram tag, DM, Snapchat, Tweet, everything! I really appreciate all the feedback and I truly appreciate all the support you have shown me. It's been so encouraging for me especially when things get tough - all I have to do is read your comments! :) I hope to get an investor one day so that I can bring on some help and I will share all of your feedback in the process!



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