Introducing the PERSU LIFE vlog | PERSU COLLECTION is in Kitson LA!

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Hi Everyone!

I've really enjoyed keeping all of you updated on my progress and journey since the launch of my Kickstarter campaign. Your support has been incredible and I truly enjoy sharing my experiences with you. I'm happy that some of you are actually interested in what I'm doing! :) 

As promised in my last blog entry, I'm going to tell you which retailer PERSU COLLECTION is in! While visiting the retailer myself, I had recorded the experience initially just for me to keep but quickly realized that I wanted to share this experience with my customers and Kickstarter backers. So, the idea of starting a vlog came to mind! Since I've quit my full-time job and am focusing on PERSU and learning how to run this business on my own, I've decided to document my journey, my PERSU LIFE. :D 

Here is an introduction to my vlog (please excuse my rough editing, I just learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro via YouTube last week!):

And, here is my experience visiting my first retailer!! 

Another exciting piece of news is that after the video, I did try to go to Malibu to check out the Kitson store and explain the bag to the employees so that they can sell it, but I called Kitson Malibu before I left and found out that they had sold it within a week of it being in the store! And without the functions being explained! 

Regarding the Sol bags, they are on their way over via ocean! The Sol bag is expected to ship out beginning of July. Just a friendly reminder, tracking number emails for your Tom and Jessica bags could come from either my shipping partner Lynch Creek Farms, or PERSU COLLECTION. Please check your spam folder just in case it ended up there!



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