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Hi Everyone!

This last month has been extremely busy and filled with decisions! Last week, I returned back to Sacramento for the Calling All Dreamers semi-finalist orientation. In addition to meeting other awesome entrepreneurs, we got a chance to meet the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Calling All Dreamers competition and hear their experience.  

The best part about the orientation was getting paired up with my assigned SCORE mentor, Venki! Venki is extremely knowledgeable and it's such a blessing to for me to be able to tap into someone who has years of business experience. I've already learned so much in preparing my Persu Collection Studio business plan, store mock, and financial projections for the next round. I find out this week if I make it as a finalist!

Regarding production, the Tom and Jessica bags have completed their production, left Shanghai on April 19 and is on its way over to me! The bags are traveling via ocean which is an estimated 23 days of travel time. I have a full 20 ft. container coming so it is a very large shipment! Once the bags arrive to the Oakland, CA port around May 11, it will go through a customs process and then get trucked over to Sacramento where I will receive it at my friend's warehouse.

My importers are unable to give me an exact arrival date to my door since the customs process can vary, but I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't take very long so that I can get them shipped out in May! This is my first shipment and full production experience so I am hoping it goes smoothly! I will let you know when the container arrives. :)

Last but not least, I made a very big decision to leave my full-time job with a company I've been with for nearly 4 years. Since the launch of the Kickstarter, juggling PERSU and my job has not been easy. After my campaign ended and PERSU went into production, I soon realized how much more work PERSU was going to require to be successful. This was an extremely difficult decision to make since PERSU is in a really early stage and can't quite financially support me, and I have an awesome career job with lots of potential and a great boss. But, after working hard on PERSU to get this far, I really don't want to let my dream go and would like to see it through as best as I can. So after this Friday May 1st, I will be focusing on PERSU and will look for part-time work to help support me.

I'm nervous about taking this risk but excited to be able to jump into PERSU full-time. And, I'm thankful for the opportunity that came from all of your support that allowed me to do this! Now I'll be completely available and ready to manage my first shipment in Sacramento when it arrives. :D



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